I still remember the day PAGER was thing of amazement and technological wonder. Only the few elite people had that magic device. And had fortunately had a chance to use it for a few days. The “BEEP-BEEP” when some message comes and all the people looking at you once you take it out of your pocket. WAW-feels like laughing now!!! 

Then nokia came to forray of market. And u could play SNAKE!! Bang!! the next day for 500Rs, you could get a phone!! Reliance wave was gripping country. From rich to poor, nw mobile was a thing of necessity. Slowly but surely the scenario was changing. And then came the SMARTPHONES. 

Now a days its not D U HAVE A SMARTPHONE asked. It will be “which brand – which os etc”. Smartphones have become a part and parcel of our community now. And so are the apps. Without apps it’s impossible to do anything now. Be it chatting or making travel plans, buying tickets or keeping a reminder, checking calendar or chatting with friends apps are inevitable. The list is growing fast and each day more and more are included in the list. One thing Is certain that we are moving to a day where your phone Is switched off means u r stranded. U won’t know what to do next (CALENDAR NOT AVAILABLE); where to go (GPS OFF); who to call (CONTACT LIST MISSING); in short it will be like you are in middle of sea. So rule the apps and dont let them rule u!!!!



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