Adventure @ Pune – India —- Part 1 – RIVER RAFTING

Pune. Popularly called as the Education hub of India, the next best thing to Mumbai or the Pensioners paradise. Well that was for the old times. Nw its brimming with companies, malls, shopping areas, roads, eateries, pubs….the list goes on. But amidst all of it it has retained one thing. The natural surrounding that keeps it fresh, green and a perfect escape place for the weekends. It was by accident that we stumbled upon this adventure. RIVER RAFTING AT PUNE!!!! Yeah u heard it right. There is one place in pune which provides the river rafting experience, though many don’t know about it.  Its the……..



Adventures have always inspired me. Be it trekking, swimming in unknown waters, jumping of a cliff to a deep pool….The adrenaline rush that accompanies it, the sense of fulfilling the impossible. Well all of that led to our first river rafting trip. Finding info and details about rafting was pretty much simple. There are 2-3 sites including one mentioned above which gives all needed info regarding the rafting and cost.

The Kundalika river is one flowing through the Sahyadri mountains. Its nestled deep in to the Sahyadris. We started our journey from Pune at morning 5am (YEAH MORNING 5 AM!!!). There was one route map with us. And start of journey was pretty simple. It was said we need to reach rafting spot by 8.30 am. And distance from pune to Kundalika was around 120-130 km. So even if we go 60 km km 2 hrs is more than enough. But calculations cannot be right always.

First part of journey was perfect. Broad highways morning 5 am and no vehicle. We speeded our bikes at around 80-90. It was cool and the ride was beautiful. As planned, crossed City well earlier than expected. But everything changed at around 6am once we entered the ghat section. IT STARTED RAINING!!!!

No one has expected rain at this time. And by raining it was nothing like we have seen before. Each water droplet dropped upon us like arrows in a battlefield. Visibility level dropped to bare min. And there was water everywhere. Regarding us we were wet from top to bottom. It was cold and there was not even a place where we could stop.So in that thundering rain and cold we drove. Rain continued for another half hr and then it decreased its tempo. And then came the fog. Pure white thick fog surrounded us. Not even sure where we are going. Put on the indicators and continued. The condition of road was soooo bad. And like this we travelled till we crossed the tamini ghats. Woooh. One hell of a journey. And the aftr asking for directions and getting lost on the way 2-3 times, we finally reached the rafting place at 10am. (SUPPOSED TO REACH AT 8, ONLY 2 HRS WE GOT LATE)!!!

Parked vehicle put on safety jackets and went to hear some lecture by lifeguards. After 15-20 min of blabbering we hopped onto our boat. Everyone was thrilled as this was our first time but had no idea as what to do. The guard who came with us gave instructions on what to do and what not. And soon the water turned rough. We were moving through rapids and boat was rocking from side to side. Its for that one moment that we all came for. The whole rafting session is for 2 hrs. But don’t expect too much. The rapid end after 40-45 mins and after that its just sailing. U can jump to water (don’t worry. U won’t drown with safety jacket) and swim in river or just enjoy the surroundings. There are around 7-8 rapids and 2 of high intensity level. If u have not experienced rafting before then its a good place to get a taste of things. And rafting cost is around 1500 Rs per head. Its expensive!!!!

The journey back was harder than expected. It was raining again. And seeing the rain at evening the morning rain felt like a drizzle!!!! Finally after long hours of driving we finally rchd Pune at around 9pm.

In short it was a trip never to forget. And the best part was riding through ghats and hairpins in drenching rain and cold, unbelievable natural beauty and greenery some amazing view of nature in its true beauty and well yeah RAFTING!!!

Now time for some snaps through our trip:


Morning 6am just before it started raining!!!


The best pic we got. The rain stopped for sometime and there was sunshine at other end of ghat. Looks like a place from AVATAR movie!!!






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