DEAD TRIGGER – The best free FPS in Android!!!


They are coming at you….lifeless soulless blood thirsty monsters from all around to suck the life out of you!! There are only 2 choices. Die or “KILL”. Well you have made the decision. Took the gun. Loaded the bullets. Took aim and pulled the trigger. The gun started spitting bullets and zombies started falling like moths in fire. Everywhere there was blood but your dont stop!! COZ….it was just the beginning!!!

Thats exactly where DEAD TRIGGER start.


Dead trigger is one of the best FPS games in Android to date. The graphics are amazing, easy to understand gameplay, and lot of pure raw action. And to top it all ITS  FREE NOW!!! There is also a story line, though its not much  interesting. Well all the missions are pretty simple.  KILL ‘EM ALL!!!!

There are daily mission where u can get free gold or ARENA where u can fight of endless waves till…..ahem… well till  your bullet are over!!!!

Dead trigger is best played on devices powered by NVIDIA TEGRA graphic chip. Undoubtedly the 3d visuals are top notch and animation is stunning. But in other devices also it work perfectly good.


Like other FPS games on mobiles, the control schemes are similar. Left side you have the movement button, and right side the shoot. U also have iron sight button near by. Top right u have 2ndary weapon option and top left the radar.


Then you can see the life bar, and mission objective. Its pretty simple and dont worry. You won’t even have time to look at map and life as you will be too much busy killing the brainless things.


What should i use today for killing them…Pistol / SMG / AK’s / Cutter ……the choices goes on. Guns are another highlight. Developers have certainly given their attention to the section. Each weapon has its own strong and weak points. Damage, accuracy, clip size etc. So before going to kill take some time to equip yourself. There are AK-47, Colt M4 and lots others. Image

Only negative about the game is

1> It can get repetitive. Coz its just shooting  zombies.

2> In app purchase requires A LOT of money. And some premium weapons are only for those who wishes to spend.


Well that’s practically all of it i hope. The game is FREE TO DOWNLOAD now!!! So dont waste your time gamers.


Link to download Dead trigger:


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