EPL Fantasy Football thoughts


Saturday and its GW4.

The sound of clock ticking down to that dreaded 4PM (IST) is ringing loudly in the ear’s. As always mind is confused, and still not decided which player to go out and who should come in. Millions of sites offering billions of advices on who to take and who not to. “Alas”; the dirty mind, it can’t fix on one target. Just like a stone skipping through the surface of water the decisions regarding players are changing every second. Should i go for a 4-3-3, well 3-4-3 is good as 4 mid can get some points, hey y not try 4-5-1 as 5 mid and 4 def s best. AAAAhhhhhh god this is making me go crazy.

But what makes this Fantasy football so exciting and terrific is the UNPREDICTABILITY. U are your own master. Sometimes luck plays its part but in sports world LUCK ALWAYS FAVOURS THE BRAVE.


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