Pune Travel Diaries – Bhaje Caves (lonavla) – 15.02.15

Finally weekend approached and preparation was in full swing to go for an outing. Since it was hot and too tiring for a trek, decided to have a short trip to Lonavla. Lonavla is famous for it’s natural beauty, waterfalls and greenery. But in this dry Feb, there was nothing of it. Browsed a lot about places to visit and finally stumbled upon BHAJE CAVES.

I have previously visited KARLE CAVES and the experience was not up-to mark. All the walkway to top of cave was covered with vendors selling goods and there was too many people. And once I reached caves, each and every nook and corner was occupied with SELFIE CRAZIE’S.

So with some doubts I decided to visit Bhaje caves. Started at 10 from Pune. The way is fairly straight forward. Take the old Mumbai-Pune highway. Before reaching the cave’s there are sign boards on the way. (TIP: Caves are before the wax museum lonavla). From the main road (if you are coming from Pune sides, right turn will take you to Karla caves and left to Bhaje).

On the way to Bhaje caves, there is a small station called Malavli. Cross this,and the road takes you directly to starting of stairs to caves.

The climbing is fairly easy and whole way up is of  nicely made stairs. Max time to reach top is around 20 mins.

Stairs to top

Entry fee is 5 Rs. And once you enter, a whole new world comes before.

Main prayer hall

The first thing you notice is the huge Main prayer hall. The architecture is amazing.

To the sides of prayer hall the living quarters can be seen.

Top vi

Top view

There are lot of beautiful artworks which will take anyone back to our glorious history.



A walk through the caves and comes across amazing view of numerous STUPAS.



And finally to the end of the cave, the most amazing carvings can be seen on the walls. There is a kind of prayer room and the walls are adorned with beautiful carvings.



Really an amazing place to visit, with very few to disturb you from truly exploring the place. A must visit place.

Final click from a Look out point.

A view from the Cave.

A view from the Cave.