Derby DAY!!! (a rival fans outview)



22nd September, 8.30pm (IST). All other EPL matches have been completed. Now only 1 remaining. The match that all have been waiting for. Some call it CLASH OF TITANS, some say MANCHESTER DERBY!!! Yes it was the match that was supposed to be thrilling, red vs blue and time to show who’s the boss in the town. But alas; some stories never go the way we wanted. The memories of that 6-1 was still in air!!! The “MOST SUCCESSFUL” club in EPL, club with MOST FAN following around the world, club where memories of SAF still remain was OUTPLAYED, OUTMUSCLED, HUMBLED, DE MORALISED, DEFEATED, DESTROYED with such clinical precision MANCHESTER UNITED was virtually cut in the heart without spilling a drop of blood!!!!

Manu went to match full of confidence. The spirits were high and there was an air of optimism around their camp. Rooney was fit  and was firing on all cylinders, defence was getting better with vidic, ferdi, evra all fit. And the big belgian FELLAINI was supposed to be the answer for mighty YAYA TOURE. Well god has kept a twist for manu. And what a twist it turned out to be. RVP pulled out of match (OF FEAR??? :p). So Rooney gt the responsibility to lead the line. While at the same time at the city camp there was a group of young guns ready to prove something. They were criticized for lack of goals, Aguero especially. And to add to the flavour of match ref was HOWARD WEBB!!! (oo manu every time u r lucky..)

And the match started:

Right from the word go city ran riot at united. Aguero, navas, nasri, negredo and toure tearing apart  manu mid and defence like a wolf pack does to sheeps. There was no mercy, there was no let off and there was not even a second given to recover. And BANG!!! City cut the arms of manu through AGUEROooooooooooooo. Manu never recovered from that blow. They huffed and puffed to 45 min mark and just when they gt ref will blow the half time, again they were handicapped by YAYA TOURE!!!! Half tim and 2-0 down. I don’t know what Mr. Moyes said to manu players at half time, but i have an idea that it will be like this “HEY GUYS YOU ARE PLAYING GOOD. IT WAS JUST BAD LUCK THAT YOU ARE 2-0 DOWN. C’MON U CAN TURN THIS AROUND” …and Manu players took each word to heart. They started 2nd half r8 like the first.  And with in 4 min manu did EXACTLY WHAT THEY DID IN FIRST 45 MINS!! Shipped 2 goal.


hahaha moyes you are great!!! Then it was matter of seeing your opponents play it around. And manu players like a dog running behind a thrown bone was following each and every player. Such a humiliation. Poor moyes. Now he must be realizing how tough life at top of table is.


Thats it!!!! So a sweet victory for city, 3 points dropped for manu and THE PLEASURE OF SEEING YOUR RIVAL DESTROYED for us CHELSEA FANS. #KTBFFH




PS: hey all…..its just for fun….dont take it into heart!! …


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